Sunday, November 27, 2005

License to Bore.

Well, my previous prediction of an epic alcohol-fueled crime wave was wrong. At least for Cambridge. It seems that most pubs in Cambridge couldn't be bothered to extend their opening hours. The few places that have applied for extended hours only applied for a one hour extention, until midnight. So nothing has changed, really. This is such typical Cambridge nonsense. Even when they're freed from the overbearing hand of the University (which has managed to scuttle plans for a bowling alley for three years because it would "distract the students") bars and pubs are still fearful of extending their hours. In this town, it doesn't pay to be on the University's bad side. And for that reason alone, the new licensing laws have had essentially no effect in Cambridge.


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Blogger Logan said...

That's a hell of a statement coming from someone who lives in the Bay Area. :)

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