Sunday, November 27, 2005

It's All Our Fault.

Recall, if you will, my rantings about Cambridge JobCentre Plus. Oh, those wasted hours spent with busy signals and unanswered calls. Well, it seems that I wasn't the only one. According to a BBC report, nearly two thirds of all calls to JobCentre went unanswered during the months of April - September. The culprit? Us:

ONE million callers to a new automated phone line for benefit claims failed to get through over the course of six months earlier this year.

The CMS system, operated for Jobcentre Plus by the US computer company EDS, allows people to register their details before being called back days later by an official to go through their application in full.

But a BBC investigation found that about one third of calls to the computerised lines between April and September went unanswered, with the proportion of unanswered calls rising to two-thirds at a call centre in Sheffield.

Apologies to the British bureaucracy. That'll teach them to do business with a bunch of bloody yanks.


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