Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Frequent Flyer.

June 8th, 6:00 AM - Depart Willingham for Heathrow
June 8th, 8:00AM - Arrive Heathrow
June 8th, 10:00AM - Depart Heathrow for Washington DC
June 8th, 1:00PM - Arrive Washington, DC
June 8th, 3:00PM - Depart Washington, DC for Boston, MA
June 8th, 5:00PM - Depart Boston, MA for Woonsocket, RI
June 8th, 6:30PM - Arrive Woonsocket, RI.
June 8th - 9th - Work - Cumberland, RI
June 10th, Fun - Providence, RI
June 11th, 2:00PM - Depart Providence, RI for New York, NY on Amtrak
June 11th, 6:00PM - Arrive New York, NY (Penn Station)
June 12th, 7:00AM - Depart hotel for British consulate in Manhattan.
June 12th, 3:00PM - Depart New York, NY for Heathrow
June 13th, 7:00AM - Arrive Heathrow
June 13th, 8:00AM - Depart Heathrow for Cambridge
June 13th, 11:00AM - Arrive Cambridge
June 13th, 11:30AM - Arrive work.
June 22nd, 5:00AM - Depart Cambridge for Heathrow
June 22nd, 8:00AM - Arrive Heathrow
June 22nd, 10:30AM - Depart Heathrow for Chicago, IL
June 22nd, 1:00PM - Arrive Chicago, IL
June 22nd, 1:30PM - Horribly screw up baggage re-claim, go through security again, yell at United Airlines ticket rep.
June 22nd, 2:50PM - Depart Chicago, IL for Denver, CO
June 22nd, 3:50PM - Arrive Denver, CO
June 22nd, 4:50PM - Depart Denver, CO for Reno, NV
June 22nd, 6:45PM - Arrive Reno, NV
June 22nd, 8:30PM - Depart Reno, NV for Tahoe Vista, CA
June 22nd, 9:30PM - Arrive Tahoe Vista, CA
June 23rd, 6:30AM - Wake up due to jet lag. Fail to go back to sleep.
June 23rd - 25th - Wedding-related activities.
June 26th - 5:00AM - Depart Tahoe Vista, CA for Reno, NV
June 26th - 6:30AM - Arrive Reno, NV
June 26th - 8:00AM - Depart Reno, NV for Denver, CO
June 26th - 10:30AM - Arrive Denver, CO
June 26th - 12:30PM - Depart Denver, CO for Washington, DC
June 26th - 5:00PM - Arrive Washington, DC
June 26th - 7:10PM - Depart Washington, DC for Heathrow
June 27th - 6:30AM - Arrive Heathrow
June 27th - 8:00AM - Depart Heathrow for Cambridge
June 27th - 10:45AM - Arrive Cambridge
June 27th - 11:10AM - Arrive work.

Time for a vacation.