Friday, March 11, 2005

The Job.

I now work for a company called Numark. I also work for a company called Alesis. And Ion. And Wavefront, Akai, Akai Pro, and Akai Tech (That's us - we don't have a website yet.)

We make a wide variety of DJ and pro audio products, hence the wide variety of names. Here are some of the coolest:

The Numark CDX looks exactly like a turntable, and feels exactly like a turntable, but it's a CD player (Note the lack of a tone arm in the photos.) Unless you're a CD DJ, you're probably wondering why anyone would want such a thing. If you are a CD DJ, you probably either own two already, or want a set. :)

The Numark TTX is a turntable, but it has digital outputs, sound effects, adjustable pitch (platter rotation speed) control, and key match. Key match is a big thing for DJs because it allows you to match the key of a cued record to the key of the currently playing record. You could set it to any other key as well, but matching is the most likely use. This makes mixes sound much nicer, as you won't be playing two discordant records over top of each other.

The AkaiPro MPC4000 is a combination sampler/sequencer. Lots of names, lots of products, lots and lots of buttons! (I have no idea what this thing does.)

The Alesis ADAT is pretty much the standard for home studio recording. It can record up to 24 channels onto the hard drive.

The Alesis Fusion does everything Roland's $8000 synth keyboard does for about 1/4 the cost.

And that's pretty much what we do - make solid products that do more stuff and cost less money than the competition. Four years ago, Numark was a second-rate turntable company for hobbyist DJs, and now their gear gets incredble reviews. Four years ago Alesis was in bankruptcy court, and now they're scaring the crap out of Roland and Korg. Four years ago... well, I have no idea what Akai does anyway, which is kind of scary since I work for Akai Tech.

And no, I'm not allowed to talk about what we're building in Cambridge.


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