Thursday, March 10, 2005

A few words about The Yuck

Dammit! I have a blog.
Why do I have it? Well, let's put it at this way - repeating the same thing over and over on the phone to the US at 20p/min has become very expensive, and a lof of that idle chatter can be consolidated into this simple, pretentious, useless form (which costs nothing, I might add.) So it's here.

The title of this blog is "Life in the Yuck." This is a reference to something that one of my co-workers says on a regular basis. As you may or may not know, URLs for UK commercial web sites end in "" My co-worker (Rob) says "dot co dot yuck." He's British, but he's been living in Holland for many years, so perhaps this is some weird Dutch thing. He only uses "yuck" in reference to web sites, but I thought it would be funny if everyone in the UK referred to the country as "the yuck," so that's the name of the blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

admit it. you really started a blog because you want attention. i reckon you'll be posting neked pictures of yo'self soon. maybe a video even.

5:05 PM  

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